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300 Movie Swords and Movie Replicas

Swords, movie swords, and collectible weaponry from various periods made by respected manufacturers. We carry Samurai Swords, Battle Ready Medieval Swords, Fencing Sabers and officially licensed movie replicas. Also available are U.S. Military Swords including Cavalry Swords and modern issue Dress Swords. Hundreds of swords and collectibles are available. We securely accept credit cards and PayPal.

300 Movie Replicas


300 Movie Replicas300 Movie Replicas

Spartan Swords
Price: $79.99
300 Movie Replicas

Spartan Swords are 34 1/2" overall. These swords have a thick 26 inch forged carbon steel blade with an antiqued finish. It has a leather wrapped grip with a black finish cast metal guard and pommel. This item does not include a scabbard.


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