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Fencing Swords and Rapiers

Samurai Swords and museum quality collectible replicas are for sale in a variety of styles and types. There are over thirty categories such as Samurai, Medieval, Military and officially licensed movie replicas. We have been selling swords and collectibles online since 2003. We also carry medieval shields, battle helmets, sword displays and other popular replicas. We securely accept credit cards and PayPal.

Rapier Swords

Fencing Swords:
El Cid Fencing Rapier Swords
Specialty Swords

El Cid Rapier Swords for sale are a popular sword used for display and on stage. While the El Cid Rapier is not functional for reenactment, these swords work well as a fencing display. The El Cid features a silver-colored wire wrapping on a black metal handle. These rapier style swords are 37 ½ inches in all with an unsharpened 29 inch stainless steel blade. The swords have a polished stainless steel pommel and guard. The included black leather wrapped scabbard has polished fittings. These fencing swords weigh approximately 5.7 pounds.


Fencing Sword Belt

Leather Sword Belt with Frog
Specialty Swords

Sword Belt with Universal Frog. This sword belt is made of black leather with an attached frog and metal skull and crossbones accents. This item will hold a sword, main gauche, dagger or dirk.


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