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Hanwei Orchid Katana Swords

Samurai Swords and museum quality collectible replicas are for sale in a variety of styles and types. There are over thirty categories such as Samurai, Medieval, Military and officially licensed movie replicas. We have been selling swords and collectibles online since 2003. We also carry medieval shields, battle helmets, sword displays and other popular replicas. We securely accept credit cards and PayPal.

Orchid Katana Series

Orchid Katana Swords
Official Hanwei Sword

Orchid Katana Sword is 41 5/8" overall and 27 3/4" blade. The popular and handsome Orchid swords have a sharpened hand tempered folded steel blade. Genuine white rayskin handle with blue Japanese cotton cord wrap. The katana and Wakizashi have a blackened iron tsuba featuring orchid and butterfly decoration inlaid in silver, brass and copper. Wooden scabbard with blue lacquer finish. The koiguchi and kurigata are of buffalo horn, and the fuchi, kashira and kojiri are bronzed iron with silver and gold detailing. The Orchid Katana includes both a cleaning kit and cloth storage sleeve.


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